Volunteerism : A Commitment to Service

Backdrop photo originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune on July 29, 2009.

Membership Chair for the Lakeside Area Neighbors Association (LANA)

Uptown, Chicago

July 2017 – Present

• Overseeing the outreach and recruitment efforts to promote engagement and membership for all in the neighborhood

Chair of the Residents Board for the Covington Apartments

Uptown, Chicago

July 2017 – Present

• Organized from the ground up a Board of Residents by recruiting and partnering with neighbors and stakeholders

Social Media Outreach Coordinator for St. Paul Community Development Ministry

A nonprofit workforce development organization on Chicago’s South Side 
June 2015 – Present

 Social Media Content Developer: Create and manage social media outreach efforts for promotion of events.
 Digital Media Content Developer: Write, Edit, and Produce video content to advertise and message organizational events and efforts
 Analytic Researcher: Research analytic responses to maximize outreach capabilities for nonprofit messaging

Community Representative for the Local School Council of Nicholas Senn High School

Chicago Public Schools


• Elected Official: served as Community Representative for the Local School Council of Nicholas Senn High School
• Successful Tenure: collaboratively oversaw the school’s successful transformation from an underperforming low level 2 school at risk of academic sanction into an over-performing level 1 school now rivaling the best public high schools of Chicago’s north side
• Innovative Thinking: made and passed a motion to establish a student led school store, raising funds for student activities, and providing valuable business and entrepreneurial experience to the students involved

47th Ward Ward Council Coordinator

Alderman Ameya Pawar


• Collaboration: organized twenty-one local block club groups encompassing the 47th Ward of Chicago
• Understanding Diversity: created the ward council with a diverse body of residents
• Empowering: strengthened community relations between hundreds of ward residents and their elected officials

English Teacher

Cross-Cultural Solutions, Bangkok, Thailand

• Dedicated Educator: taught English to classes of adolescent Thai students in impoverished areas of the BangSue District in Bangkok, Thailand
• Holistic Approach: participated in promoting education as a means of economic empowerment and poverty alleviation
• Culturally Dynamic: honed Thai language skills and furthered understanding of inter-cultural communication

Founder and Executive Director



• Brand Development: built an image and brand for a new community organization in Chicago’s far north-side
• Social Engagement: organized summer community building events called “Neighborhood Nights”
• Networking: hosted dinner events at local restaurants for community members to gather.


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