To the Board of Trustees, Loyola University Chicago

(For a previous letter on the subject, visit: To Father Michael Garanzini, Chancellor)

To the Board of Trustees, Loyola University Chicago:

It saddens me to hear that within one week Loyola University Chicago both sanctioned its students for demonstrating for social rights and chastised its employees for exercising those same rights.

But it encourages me to know that recent and younger alumni, the millennial graduates, are soon to become the biggest charitable donor group in the country, and, partly due to your teaching, give to social justice causes.

I am hopeful that the university may pause and remember a few words of Ignatius Loyola: “We ought to consider not only God, but also men for his sake.”

I am hopeful that the university will expand its current definitions of operations: to consider not only the present and future of the university, but also that of the student and faculty bodies, for its sake.


Dan Kleinman, Student Body President ’08-09

(For major work completed during student government tenure, please visit: Executive Proposal for Loyola University)