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A note from Dan, author of the How To Run For LSC in Chicago 2018 manual (5th Release now printed):



When I started my career as a community organizer, I was taught a lesson I still remember:

There is a difference between leadership and being a leader.

Leadership describes the qualities that inspire mutual hope, shared trust, and a combined commitment.

To be a leader simply requires followers.

You have barely a month left to file your candidacy.

You have barely three months to talk to voters and earn their support.

You have just over 80 days to win an election.

I have one request:

In the challenge between being a leader and practicing leadership, do both.

I have prepared a 5th release of the How To Run for Local School Council Manual.

I have added it to the website:

I hope it is what you need to continue your effort to better our Chicago Public Schools.

I too have a vision for bettering our Chicago Public Schools.


I am Looking forward,



January 24, 2018

Download the 5th and final release of the How To Run For LSC in Chicago 2018 right here.

How To Run For Local School Council – Let’s Run For Local School Counil LSC Campaign Manual 2018 Edition (5.1)

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–The previous edition of this manual was downloaded and used across Chicago in 2016.  Next, the 2018 offers more examples and descriptive campaign techniques.

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Wow, thank you for your interest in running for Local School Council in Chicago!  Just like in 2015, I am writing a whole new comprehensive “How to run for Local School Council Manual” and I am once again so excited to give it to anyone who is willing to engage and participate.

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A Local School Council (LSC) is the governing body of a public school in the City of Chicago. By law, every CPS school has one.

Local School councils consist of the school’s principal, six parents of students who attend the school, two community members who reside within the attendance area of the school, two teachers, one non-teacher staff member, and, in the case of high schools, one student.


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