Just finished reading: SOUL ON ICE

At the height of my collegiate career, I would read one book and one play each week, writing essays for each.  I became engulfed in literature; its theory, its criticisms, its style, and its experience.  The texts were diverse in origin, setting, and form: from many countries, written as prose and poetry.  …As such, I had not picked up a book since.

It is in that context, and no other, that I stumbled upon an old paperback: a 1970 print of SOUL ON ICE, by Eldridge Cleaver, a formative leader of the Black Panther Party.

I will consider publishing my full essay on the text in the future, but for now, all I will say is that SOUL ON ICE is a required reading for anyone striving to better understand the context, contemporary history, and visions of civil rights causes in our country.

I usually only include citations in full essays, but here are a few of many favorite quotations found in SOUL ON ICE:

In America, when everything else fails, they call out the police.


The world of today was fashioned yesterday.  What is involved here, what is being decided right now, is the shape of power in the world of tomorrow.


The price of hating other human beings is loving oneself less.

SOUL ON ICE is a must read, written for times past, appropriate in times present, and applicable to times to come.