#IAmOnABlockClub #Uptown #LetsKeepThisGoing

It is not easy to begin an organized group such as a block club, but it is easy to fall against the question: what’s next? How do we keep this going?

The answer in the New Neighborhood Block Club Manual is implicit, and not explicit.  The last step of the of the instructions is only implied but not specifically said.  So after you activate your neighbors to build a coalition, creating a block club, and even after the bylaws of the new block club are established, what is the next step?

It is simply:


Keep the block club vibrant by staying engaged and keeping others engaged.  Moreover, provide opportunities for even more people to get engaged.  Recruit and build.  Build and make better.

Here is a sign-up sheet as an example from my building’s Residents’ Board, which recently held its first meet-and-greet event.  It was a terrific success, and many residents signed up to participate further.  Now, the Board is reaching out to everyone who signed up to invite their participation.

If ever your own New Neighborhood Block Club is looking for a next step, consider taking the first step– again.

The latest version of the The New Neighborhood Block Club Manual can be found here.