I wrote a Draft Bill!


State of Illinois

2018 and 2019

HB# / SB#


Drafted by Dan Kleinman, Citizen of Illinois



Amends The School Code. Provides that the chief executive officer may appoint a member of the education community rather than the business community to advise local school councils in matters. Provides for updated language.


1  AN ACT concerning education.

2  Be it enacted by the People of Illinois,

3  Represented in the General Assembly:

4  Section 5. The School Code is amended by changing sections

5  34–2.1 as follows:

6  (105 ILCS 5/34-2.1)

7  Sec. 34-2.1. Local School Councils – Composition – Votes

8  Eligibility – Elections – Terms.

9  (a) A local school council shall be established for each

10  attendance center within the school district. Each local

11  school council shall consist of the following 12 voting

12  members: the principal of the attendance center, 2

13  teachers employed and assigned to perform the majority of

14  their employment duties at the attendance center, 6 parents

15  of students currently enrolled at the attendance center,

16  one employee of the school district employed and assigned

17  to perform the majority of his or her employment duties at

18  the attendance center who is not a teacher, and 2 community

19  residents. Neither the parents nor the community residents

20  who serve as members of the local school council shall be

21  employees of the Board of Education.  In each secondary

22  attendance center, the local school council shall consist

23  of 13 voting members — the 12 voting members described

24  above and one full-time student member, appointed as

25  provided in subsection (m) below. In the event that the


1  chief executive officer of the Chicago School Reform Board

2  of Trustees Board of Education determines that a local

3  school council is not carrying out its financial duties

4  effectively, the chief executive officer is authorized to

5  appoint a representative of the business community with

6  experience in finance and management education community

7  with experience in teaching and administration at an

8  attendance center within the school district to

9  serve as an advisor to the local school council for the purpose of

10  providing advice and assistance to the local school council

11  on fiscal matters. The advisor shall have access to

12  relevant financial records of the local school council. The

13  advisor may attend executive sessions. The chief executive

14  officer shall issue a written policy defining the

15  circumstances under which a local school council is not

16  carrying out its financial duties effectively.


To learn more about Local School Councils and how to participate, visit: http://dankleinman.org/lsc/