Halloween Analytics

“So, how many people came by trick-or-treating?” my brother asks me.

We are sitting on the porch late at night, October 31, 2015.  It had stopped raining a few hours ago.

“I am glad you asked,” I say.  “I am so glad you asked.”

halloween analytics


Summary Findings

The door bell rings 110 times during the four hours of trick-or-treating.

There are 410 people at the door during those four hours.

437 pieces of candy are taken by those 410 trick-or-treaters.

On average, there are 3.76 trick-or-treaters at every door bell, taking a little more than one piece each.


Analysis Findings

3 – 4 PM hour

The first hour is the slowest, with less than one trick-or-treater per minute, but it is also the greediest, with 55 trick-or-treaters taking 62 pieces.

4 – 5 PM hour

The second hour has only nine more door bell rings than the first, but it has 40 more trick-or-treaters.

5 – 6 PM hour

The third hour is the busiest, with 55 door bell rings, nearly double the average; 199 trick-or-treaters, nearly double the average; 212 pieces of candy, nearly double the average; and yet only 3.85 pieces of candy grabbed per bell, less than each of the other hours.

6 – 7 PM hour

The fourth hour is the least greedy.  The fourth hour sees six more trick-or-treaters than the first hour, yet distributes only 1 additional piece of candy.