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Dan calls Chicago home and is grateful for that.  A transplant from the near west suburb Oak Park, Dan moved to his first studio on the edge of the Edgewater neighborhood while attending Loyola University Chicago in 2006.   He is now proud to be a neighbor in Uptown, but he also feels very lucky to know family, friends, and community members across the 77 community areas of the city.  Dan enjoys challenging his growing ability to traverse the cityscape without any GPS assistance.

Dan doesn’t talk about it much, but he loves music.

Recently, he finds himself listening to tracks by Eels, the Postal Service, Mozart, The Beatles, Kev Brown, and Marvin Gaye.  His all-time most played tracks are by artists including Tegan and Sara, Nappy Roots, Mary Lambert, Michael Jackson, B.o.B., and Duke Ellington.  Dan tends to tune into the latest Hip Hop, Ambient Electronic, and Pop radio stations.

Dan also never mentions that he had always wanted to be a pilot, and that one time when he was on a glider tour over Oʻahu: the pilot asked Dan if he wanted to take control of the plane.  Dan was hoping for this.  He took hold of the stick and pushed forward a bit, tilting the motor-less plane’s nose toward the hills.  The airspeed indicator began to rise as the protege and pilot dove.  That is when Dan pulled the yoke back towards his left hip while he pushed the yaw control forward with his right foot.  The motor-less plane climbed again, banked in mid-air, and fell again like a roller coaster.  He leveled the glider then and balanced out its roll to simply let it soar.  That was pretty good, the pilot said.  Where’d ya learn that?  Video games, was the reply, video games and books.

Food he’s eaten once but only once: crickets tempura, outside of the Wat Sai floating market, Bangkok, Thailand.

A movie he’s watched over-and-over: Star Wars… all of them.

If he could time-travel to any time, it would be:  nap time.

Dan is pretty touched that you read this, because, after all, he doesn’t talk about it much.


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