Drafting that Interoffice Memo : From a Paralegal To a Paralegal


I studied business writing while pursuing my bachelor’s degree at Loyola Chicago.  By the time I completed Paralegal Certification there a few years later, I had worked under 4 lawyers.  I saw how important clear and concise language can be, especially for communications in legal settings.

I have done my best to develop a memo format that standardizes clear and concise writing.

Below is a demonstration of best practices taught and observed. 


Ref. No. 170427-26


April 27, 2017


To: Atticus Finch, JD, Supervising Attorney

From: Dan Kleinman, Entry Level Paralegal


RE: Latest Amendment Draft, Open items


Attached are the drafted documents requested.  I have summarized the supporting evidence contained therein and have noted items that are necessary.


  1. Minutes of Conference with Client
  2. Current Draft of Amendment
  3. Previous Draft of Amendment




Items Applied

Based on the information provided, the following has been applied: 

  • The date of the document and date of execution is updated to current terms: December 15, 2017
  • The principal amount is listed as referenced, $300,000
  • The maturity date is listed as referenced: December 15, 2021


Items Needed

Based on the information provided, these further items are necessary:

  • $250 filing fee: filing on May 10, 2017