Dear you 1,000 Neighbors: Thank you for this gift,

Dear Neighbors across Chicago, across the Country, and even those of us who are International:

Thank  you.

We can all say that this past year has been one for the history books.

While different for each of us, certain moments stressed our ideals of what it means to be part of a neighborhood or a larger shared community.

It was easy to feel discouraged.  It is hard to make the case for inclusion when debate can favor separation.

Yet more than 1,000 of us over this past year in 2017 took a meaningful step in a truly ground-up effort to keep our neighborhoods vibrant.

From just one of the many computer-servers that provides access to The New Neighborhood Block Club Manualover 1,000 neighbors downloaded the free PDF.

Best wishes and happy organizing to all of you, from Chicago to LA, Atlanta to Rockford, Mobil to Albuquerque, to all of you 1,000 neighbors embarking on your own Block Club journey — thank you for allowing The New Neighborhood Block Club Manual  to be part of it.

I am thrilled for what the future may hold.  Keep in touch, you can send me a note via :

Best wishes, and, as always,

Looking Forward.