Building Community, #Uptown

It was only 2 months ago when I asked several of my neighbors in my apartment building in Uptown to help organize our community.  It truly was an effort in Building Community.

Then, 2 weeks ago, we did it: we accomplished our building’s first ever Get To Know Your Neighbors Meet-and-Greet.  What a success!

Sure, over 50 building residents attended and enjoyed the finger food and music, but the real special impact became apparent days later:

Residents have learned each others names, or at least faces, and it is a tangible difference in our building’s atmosphere.  People are saying Hi to each other in the elevator.  We’re holding the door open for each other.  We feel more comfortable, safer, and more at home.

We set out to build community, and it is amazing what we have accomplished so quickly.

And it is amazing what you can accomplish with your neighbors, too.

Get started.  Here’s how.  Click now.

Or Step Up To Democracy!  Run for Local School Council!

Thank you, and

Looking forward.