An Argument for Thanks, from a White Man

The argument I am presenting does not negate anyone’s hard work nor what they may have earned because of it.  

Let us just be thankful.

My argument states that not everyone has had the same opportunities, no matter how hard they may have worked; and despite equally hard work, not everyone has earned the same.

Let us just be mindful.

It is a Wound of History.

Our present may clearly be more equitable than our past; however, the inequitable actions and policies of the past have caused such great social and economic damage that our present is still in recovery.

Consider the Millennial Depression– it began in 2007 and ended in 2009.

The policies and actions that led to, caused, and sustained that economic crisis did tremendous societal damage.  Yet the crisis only lasted two years.

Now, six years after it ended, the millennial generation and our nation is still recovering.

Let us just be grateful.

Some of us belong to generations that have experienced centuries of social and economic damage.

If our recent economic recovery is any judge, it will take at least 300 years to recover only from the last 100 years of disparity.

“No one is innocent,” my friend and I recently concluded.

We are all a part of the the same society that is hurting.

It is easy to see us as separated by the past day, month, or 200 years of pain.

But: we might just as easily be joined through the next day, month, or 200 years of healing.

This is a choice.

And where there is a choice for justice, there is a hope for justice, and for that:

I am thankful.

A very Happy Thanksgiving, to you and yours,