A Statement on Mental Illness #TeamWeMadeIt #ThankYou

For a third time, with your generous support, I have met my personal fundraising goal for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

I am deeply moved by your donations, your messages, and your unwavering encouragement.

I am inspired by the determination that those with mental illness display every day, and I am driven by their leadership to be a part of #TeamWeMadeIT.

I am so grateful you are a team member too.  Thank you.

Mental Illness directly effects 20 percent of American adults: 40 million of us.

We all know someone.

Yet, while any day comes with another struggle, it also brings with it another opportunity to say, that, at least this far:

We made it.

And we all know that there are some of us who have to make it on their own more than most, due to an unavailability of proper care, the sky-rocketing costs of treatment, or due to that specific type of shame that impedes our support.

But together we are raising awareness, advocating for resources, and fighting to curtail stigma.  Together, we can make it.

You can help me beat my goal with just a $10 tax deductible donation to my team in the National Alliance on Mental Illness Chicago Walk.  You just have to click here: https://www.namiwalks.org/participant/Dan-TeamWeMadeIt

I am walking for one reason and it is a reason I know we share:

Thank you for your help providing support to ensure that everyone can be, and continue to be, part of #TeamWeMadeIt.


Captain, #TeamWeMadeIt