A New Template to Track Time and To Do’s

For those of us looking for a template to not only track our TO-DO’s, but also track how we spend our time, this new template is for you.  Download as a PDF.



Timemaster PDF


I couldn’t find a template online that kept track of my to do list as well as I wanted, specifically for a class at school, so I developed this template for myself to help me keep track of my day.

(If you have already seen one exactly like this, could you point out where?)

A few colleagues and class mates of mine have requested copies of this one, so, in case there are more of us who would find such a template helpful, here ya’ go.

Label your actions and compute time spent per tenth of an hour, for accurate record keeping.

Save space and save time by using consistent labeling for similar actions.

List all your ToDos, tackle them in any order, yet keep them organized by this simple template.

See the demo template for an example.