A Bakery for T-Day, #BuyBlack

I am very encouraged by the responses I received yesterday for my first #BuyBlack post.  Thank you for your words, comments, questions, and even critiques.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and here is where I went to pick up a few baked desserts for my family: Abundance Bakery.


105 E 47th St, Chicago, IL 60615

I bought a large pie, and 3 GIANT cupcakes.  I mean it: these are large cupcakes.

If you plan on visiting Abundance Bakery in the future, and if you are driving, I recommend parking on Indiana (no parking meters); if you are CTA-ing, Abundance Bakery sits about half-way between the 47th street stops of the Red and Green lines, if slightly closer to the Green line.  The bus stop is right on either corner.

In case you are looking for more options for your own bakery purchases throughout the holidays, here is a great list of Black Owned bakeries provided by TheBlackMall.com.

Let me close with this, as to mitigate any misunderstanding that may arise:

This is a learning experience for me.  I do not know, nor will I ever claim to know, all that is the context of this subject.  I only approach it with an open mind, in hopes to gain a more holistic perspective of a human experience, and to stand as an ally with those who too easily get overlooked and are too frequently underrepresented; I do believe in the link between an economic reality and a moral justice– if only to utilize an economic justice to correct a moral reality; and maybe in a small way, you will join me.  #BuyBlack.

A very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,